Direct cremation policy

Oak Hill crematorium offers a direct cremation service for funeral directors.


Bookings for direct cremations should be made via the call centre as usual. Direct Cremation bookings normally require 3 days’ notice but may be made by agreement at shorter notice if accompanied by the full paperwork.

Time slots for direct cremations are early morning and there are no facilities for family to attend these service times. Families should not normally know in advance the details of when the cremation is being undertaken, the name of the deceased will not be displayed on the chapel notice board.

Direct cremation bookings will be 15 minutes apart and allow time for the individual deceased to be conveyed onto the catafalque with dignity, have the committal curtains closed around them and the deceased transferred to the crematory.

Arrival and arrangements at the crematorium

  • Funeral Director vehicles must arrive at the correct time allocated.
  • Vehicles must be a presentable and clean and to ensure dignity they should normally be either a regular funeral vehicle or private ambulance.
  • Attending staff should be uniformed or smartly dressed, the Funeral Director must provide sufficient staff to convey the deceased to the catafalque either by bearing or by use of the crematorium chapel trolly.
  • Coffin supplied must be presentable, in good condition and of a standard suitable for cremation with the normal identification coffin name plate or alternative clear identification of the deceased name upon it.
  • The crematorium will arrange for a respectful background music loop to be played whilst the deceased is transported through chapel.
  • Once on the catafalque, the curtains will be closed around the deceased being accepted, Bearers and chapel attendant will bow to the deceased as would be normal process in a funeral service.

Ashes for direct cremations will not be available for collection until 4 working days after the date of the service.