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Cemetery prices

Our coffin and burial prices are shown below.

There is a late fee charged at £175 per 30 minutes.

Prices for non residents

Please note the prices shown below are based on being a resident of Welwyn Hafield at the time of death (or having moved out of borough for care within the last two years).

Whilst we also welcome burials from outside the borough the cost is usually triple those listed below.

Prices for residents


Coffin Type

Standard Burial Fee 

Exclusive Rights of Burial Fee (75 years) 

Standard Coffin Size 



Larger Coffin Size 



Additional Timber Shoring POA



Grave Type Fee

Public Grave


Shallow Grave 


Grave Selection (chosen by family)        

Children's Grave 

£580 (paid for by the Children's Fund)

Exclusive Rights of Burial extensions and transfers

You are able to purchase exclusive rights of burial for a plot for up to 100 years if you wish.

Though these rights are not automatically passed on after death they can be transferred to someone else.

Type Fee

10-year extension of Grant of Exclusive Right 


Transfer Ownership of Grant of Exclusive Right 


Official Copy of Grant of Exclusive Right 


Cremated remains

Type Fee



Strewing (scattering loosely below ground)


Second set of creamated remains (at same time)


Burial within a coffin


Memorial plot licence (50 years)


Additional 10 year memorial plot licence


Lawn grave (half size 50 years)

Sanctum vault at Hatfield Hyde (10 years)


Commemorative Garden Tablet licence (50 years)


Memorial Garden Kerb licence (Hyde Cemetery) (10 years)



Exhumations are charged by hour please contact us for details.

Child burials

There is no charge for child burials.

Remembrance plaques on a wall

Memorial options

We offer a range of memorial options to remember your loved one.

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